Privacy Statement

Wakota CAER collects no personally identifying information on this web site excepting that which is provided by you via one of our contact forms.

If you become a member of Wakota CAER, your information will be added to our online members list. If you do not wish to have your information listed, please contact us and notify us of this fact.

No information collected by Wakota CAER will be shared with or sold to any 3rd party entity.

Accessibility Statement

The Wakota CAER has taken extensive steps to assure the easy navigability of this web site for users of screen readers or other alternative access devices.


Headings are provided which delineate each section of the website and enable easy navigation within pages for user-agents which are able to produce lists of page headers. Headings are succinct and descriptive in order to quickly convey the necessary information for these users.


Where images are used, alternative text has been provided to give non-visual users information about what purpose or information that image conveys. Viewing images is never required for this site.

Client-side Scripting

Limited use of client-side scripting exists on this site. Features which use client-side scripting are not dependent on the scripting for their function, and no information is unavailable when client-side scripting is not available.


Contact forms make use of appropriate labeling and organization in order to make it easy for disabled users to contact Wakota CAER.

Site Map

This site map will help you locate the pages and sections within the Wakota CAER web site.

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