Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CAER?

    CAER — Community Awareness and Emergency Response — is an organization initiated by industry and designed to help assure emergency preparedness and foster community right-to-know for hazardous materials.

  2. What is Wakota CAER?

    An innovator in cooperative preparedness, Wakota Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to disaster mobilization in southern Washington and Dakota counties. We are committed to protecting communities and the environment.

    Wakota CAER's mission is to help its members and the surrounding communities achieve a high level of emergency response and prevention readiness for natural disasters, potential fires and explosions, chemical release emergencies, and other major hazards. We develop community emergency response plans, exercises and training with industry and public safety agencies.

    For more information, see About Wakota CAER

  3. What is Inland Waterways Spill Responder Training? ("Boom School")

    Wakota CAER annually sponsors Inland Waterways Spill Responder Training, the first training course offered in Minnesota for response to oil spills on water. "Boom School" teaches local responders how to contain and recover petroleum on moving water. This training is valuable for individuals who lack experience using oil spill response equipment.

    For more information, see Inland Waterways Spill Responder Training

  4. What is Wakota CAER's Mississippi River Spill Response Cooperative?

    Wakota CAER members have banded together to form the Mississippi River Spill Response Cooperative, in order to facilitate mutual aid assistance between members during response to hazardous material spills on the Mississippi River, Minnesota River, and St. Croix River in the Twin Cities Metro area.

    For more information, see Mississippi River Spill Response Cooperative

  5. What is Wakota CAER's 800 MHz Radio Program?

    Since 2005, Wakota CAER has been authorized by the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB) to operate on the 800 MHz Radio System during emergency responses and training exercises for incidents involving oil or hazardous materials. This allows for improved communication and coordination during oil and hazardous materials incidents among first responders.

    For more information, see Wakota CAER's 800 MHz Radio System

  6. Joining Wakota CAER

    Individuals and organizations can become either voting or non-voting members of Wakota CAER.

    For more information, see Become a Member

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