Wakota CAER's 800 MHz Radio Program

The Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB) in 2005 authorized Wakota CAER to operate on the 800 MHz Radio System during emergency responses and training exercises for incidents involving oil or hazardous materials.

Why do we need to use the 800 MHz system?

When and where will the radios be used?

Wakota CAER member organizations will use the 800 MHz Radio System during emergency responses involving oil or hazardous material incidents and for training activities related to emergency response. Members may not use the radios for day-to-day communications.

The system will be used in the Metro area and state-wide when the system is available. Up to 35 radios may be acquired.

Access to Radios

Because Wakota CAER is the authorized System subscriber, all radios are owned by Wakota CAER and Wakota CAER will be responsible for the annual operational fee. Each radio will be assigned to a specific member organization which will house and maintain the equipment. Wakota CAER established a communications fund for donations from member organizations requesting radios. A member organization should make a contribution to this fund equal to the cost of the radios that it would like to procure.

Supplemental Radio Cache

Wakota CAER will maintain a small cache of radios to supplement the communications capabilities of member organizations that have been issued Wakota CAER radios. This radio cache will also be available to other member organizations which currently have not been issued radios.

Hastings Fire Department will maintain the Wakota CAER radio cache and make the cache available to member organizations upon request. Hastings Fire may use this cache when it is not needed by other Wakota CAER members.


Beginning in 2006, Inland Waterways Oil Spill Responder Training sessions will cover radio use and maintenance. For member organizations that choose to maintain radios, a member of the Training and Exercise Committee will schedule a time to provide training to employees at the worksite.

Where can I find more information?

Call 651-297-8660 or email Jason Moran if you have any questions about this Wakota CAER Program. Or you can check out these related websites:

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